5 Tourist Attractions in Palembang

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Museum of Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II
The Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II Museum is a location that could possibly be used to memorialize a variety of sorts of relics from Tourist Attractions in Palembang krajaan. This museum is quite distinctive and the architectural design is distinctive as seen from the 2 measures which are circular from both sides. Several types of relics from the Kingdom of Palembang are stored in this museum, this museum is also beneficial for preserving historical objects in Palembang so the relics are not extinct.

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Fort Kuto Besak
The existence of the Kuto Besak Fortress is evidence that the Palembang Darussalam Kingdom was victorious and developed in Indonesia. Seeing the Kuto Besak fortress in Palembang reminds us of the fortress of Vredeburg within the city of Yogyakarta. The two fortresses had been the same as reminding tourists of the Indonesian battle during the colonial era. Within the Kuto Besak Fortress there’s the Sriwijaya two Kodam health office and also a hospital. Even the location is a fort built up using stone walls. The function of this castle in antiquity was used as a bastion of defense against enemy attacks. Even though it’s been made since antiquity, this fortress remains solid rather than fragile.

Sultan Mahmud Great Mosque
This mosque is also referred to as the Red Mosque, called the Great Mosque because this mosque is the biggest mosque in South Sumatra. You can pray in this mosque while seeing the beauty and beauty of this mosque. Whenever you would like to go to this mosque attempt not to be absent or menstruating, if you’re menstruating you shouldn’t put in the core of the mosque. Visiting this mosque during the nighttime is a great time because this mosque will look beautiful during the night.

Palembang Mayor’s Office
Actually this construction was originally used as a tower for water that has a function as a water diverter to get in the entire town of Palembang. So before becoming the construction of the mayor of this construction is called the construction of the pipes or construction water source. When visiting this location you can know various macm information concerning the town of Palembang. Additionally you can still see the prior traces of water drainers to the entire city that is still left in the construction.

Iwak Flower Famiily Park
Actually this tourist spot is a attraction for tourist in the shape of a lake within the city center. The location of the lake is very close to the house of the mayor of Palembang.
Here tourists will be able to see a vast selection of other recreational places not to mention the location of recreation is intriguing. The most intriguing of those attractions is the fountain with the vibrant floodlights. Consequently visit this tourist spot is quite good done during the night If not visit during the night visitors will not be able to see the beauty of the fountain with its bright lights like rainbow.

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